Men’s Home


To provide Christian-based care/rehabilitation to men in need, including addicts, destitute, aged and psychiatrics.


We accommodate approximately 255 men at any given time. Our current demographics are: Old age home 40, Hospice 12, Clinic 20, Psychiatrics 25, volunteer workers 17, Re-integration 25, Rehabilitation 75, Families 11 and Orientation 30.

CLIENT REFERRALS: Mens-Home_internal_image_01

S.A. Government     36%
Destitute (streets)     22%
Family     18%
N.P.O (Shelters)     15%
Churches     09%


  • Assist young men with a platform to acquire skills to enter the labour/entrepreneur market.
  • Provide volunteer workers to schools (Maintenance).
  • Provide volunteer workers to assist in needy households in the community.
  • Assist with ID and social grant applications.
  • Assist through rehabilitation, men with addictions become responsible citizens, fathers, husbands and community volunteers etc.
  • Establish an awareness campaign relating to substance abuse, through our Christian outreach program to the surrounding community (Schools & Churches).
  • Re-uniting addicts and alcoholics with their families.
  • Extend hospice care to the needy.
  • Provide a home for the aged with limited or no income.
  • Provide a home for psychiatrics who have no support base of their own.
  • Establishing prayer groups and cell meetings as new ventures or in collaboration with fellow Christians.
  • Making disciples as far as the great commission.
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