Our crèche was started in 1994. We are a fully registered Educare Centre and have just over 100 children in our centre, ages 18 months through 7 years old. In some cases, the parents have just come off the streets, and the children have had no former education of any kind. We try to get them up to speed as best we can.

Client Base

Our pupils are not only from The Ark itself but from our surrounding areas such as Mfuleni and Khayelitsha. The service is free of charge.

The Children

A lot of the kids we work with have been sexually, physically, and emotionally abused. The Word of God is our foundation and our cornerstone; we have a love for these children that comes from knowing God. They have seen and experienced things that no child of any age should see, or be expected to endure. We deal with the aftermath: for us it is a reality and through God’s grace we can make a difference in these little lives.

Daily Activities and Project Sponsors

They are fed 3 meals a day, supplied via donations from L&A Safety among others. Our educational toys and books are sponsored by the students and teachers at the German school. We are in the middle of a renovation project at the crèche, filling cracks, fixing toilets, replacing the roof. We are now in the process of repainting the crèche buildings inside and outside. Special thank you to Mrs. Hanna Speina, also from the German school, and Mr. Harold from Best Paints who have both paid for the cost of paint.


Charmaine’s Testimony

I look at these little ones daily and I know why I am here. Some say it is the parent’s responsibility but I look at some of them and realize that the parents need help even more than what their children do. They are broken, and you see the bitterness in their eyes. My heart goes out to them, because I know there is Hope. Many hands go into moulding and building a character. All of us have a contribution to make in these children lives. Whether a smile when passing by or a heartfelt hug for no reason or when most them are used to getting a beating for doing something wrong. “A hello, how are you today”, to the one who nobody ever notices means “I see you”. Comfort, to one who is crying even if their distress was their own doing, means it matters to me that you are alright. It is not an easy task but I believe and I know that God is willing and able to do the work, if we are willing to be the instruments.

This my testimony, and reason for being. Am I a better person for doing what I’m doing? No, just saved by unfailing love and undeserved favour.”

Our Sponsors: