The Ark Christian School

The Ark Christian School is an educational ministry, focusing on the holistic development in a Christian environment. Born of a need to educate the children of addicts, the destitute and homeless undergoing rehabilitation at the Ark City of Refuge, our school began in 1993, with informal lessons held beneath a tree. Each ensuing year brought with it seemingly insurmountable need and each year God’s tender love for His children manifested itself and His ever-abundant grace met the challenge. The ministry’s relocation to Faure in 1999 allowed the school to conduct lessons in a formal school building. The school expanded rapidly as parents in the surrounding townships of Driftsands, Mfuleni and Khayelitsha sought Christian education for their children.

Presently the school has 220 learners. We have children from as far away as Rwanda, Zaire and Angola alongside learners from the surrounding areas of Mfuleni, Khayelitsha and Langa. The language difficulties of newly arrived refugee children would slow their progress at public schools, but the Ark Christian School provides intensive language training assisted by their integration into the community of the ministry.

The learners participate in a dynamic Arts programme and learners have appeared in various productions at the Artscape Theatre, the Good Hope Centre, Spier Open Theatre and the Bellville Velodrome amongst others. Children of the Promise (Youth Group) perform regularly at local schools and churches as part of the Outreach Programme. Extra-mural sports include soccer, cricket, netball and athletics.

Central to the teaching and lifestyle of all the children in the ministry is the message of the Gospel and the children are nurtured and tutored from an early age to learn to love the Lord Jesus and to walk in His light.


All school staff are volunteers. A number of professional people including retired school teachers and Social Workers offer their services on an ad hoc basis.


The school is assisted by persons and organisations of diverse origin. They include:

  • B.A.L.C.O
  • Power Group of Companies
  • Deutche Schule Kapstadt
  • Mrs. Marlies Meures
  • Camps Bay United Church
  • Somerset West Methodist church
  • Mrs. M. Davies


Post Matriculation Achievements

A significant number of students have matriculated at our school and have gone on to study at UCT, UWC, Unisa, Cape Peninsula University of Technology and other tertiary institutions. A total number of sixty-seven candidates have matriculated since 2000 the majority of whom would not have had the opportunity given their prior circumstances.

Post matriculated learners have followed diverse career paths of which are listed below:

  • A full time missionary worker
  • Two law students
  • An international business broker
  • A Graphic artist
  • A butcher
  • Two computer technologists
  • A civil engineering student
  • 3 Business college students
  • 2 Builders
  • A nursing student
  • 2 Secretaries
  • Seven Matriculants now in Italy on 3 year Scholarships.


Ancillary utilization of school buildings

Apart from its core function as a school, the building has been and is currently used for:

1: Afternoon classes and evening classes for adult literacy and Xhosa language proficiency.

2: The Royal Rangers

This organisation is similar to the Boy Scouts or Girl Guides.
It is a German – based Christian scout group that fulfills a most important need in the social development of our children and the preservation of their cultural heritage. One learner travelled to Germany as result of The Royal rangers intervention.
The local contact person is Mr. Gerrit Uys ( 591- 2727)

3: Alcoholics Victorious

This organisation meets weekly in our classrooms to encourage the alcoholics in our community to abstain and to provide fellowship and support for them. A.V. has been active at The Ark for two years.

Our Sponsors: