Fatima’s Story

Fatima & pastor Judy
Fatima, a 33 year old married woman, was raped and sodomised repeatedly by her father, resulting in her giving birth at the age of 12. The abuse was ongoing and again at the age of 15 she gave birth to a second daughter. Only after her second pregnancy was her father arrested and sentenced to many years in prison. These two daughters are being raised by a relative. As a result of the abuse, Fatima was under psychiatric care and on medication until recently.

When she arrived at the Ark this young woman was very aggressive and very angry, she could not read properly as she had left school at age 12. Fatima also had an abusive relationship with a third daughter, then aged 7. She commenced counseling immediately (daily, in the beginning), and began attending classes on anger management as well as daily Bible study classes..

After a year she met and married a young man she met here at the Ark. They now have a young daughter.

Fatima is now a born again Christian who will graduate from a daily, year long Bible school here at the Ark, in December of this year. She is no longer on medication and enjoys a loving and stable relationship with her husband and two children.

As soon as her husband is permanently employed they will move out of the Ark.

*Name changed to protect identity*

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