Humans of the Ark series: Testimony from Carmen


All that time I didn’t know, I was a hardened drug addict. I was addicted to any drug, because I knew my daughter was out there with a monster. It never helped, it just took it away for a while and made it worse and worse and worse. When I came to the Ark, I felt safe here. It taught me that God isn’t ‘religion’; it’s about serving people.

Pastor Judy came to me one day and said put all other books aside, and just read the bible. So for six months I sat on a log outside just reading my bible. I don’t know how God did it, but he healed me. And the tears I cry now is more because I can’t believe he loved me so much. You know?


And since then, I’ve never felt the urge to do any kind of drug. That’s what we’re all trying to find, each inside every one of us, there’s a baby Jesus waiting to be found.

And now all I want to do is help other people, because I finally know what joy is. I can laugh with joy in my heart, and know what its like to be happy. If you asked if I would have anything in my whole entire life changed, I would say no. Except maybe I would ask that my children be spared.

I believe the Ark works because you don’t have a drug problem but a spiritual problem, and each and every person that comes from these gates has been sent by God. And he put us with other people he knows he’s made, and we are to use everything in the past.

Supervisor of the single ladies. By the grace of God I’ve had the position for three years. I’ve been working here for four and a half years. I know I can never repay him but it does not mean I can’t try.


I was so broken by the time I came through those gates.

Never in my entire life did I imagine that God would use my story to inspire thousands of women in another country, so if my story can help other people out there with their lives, there is hope.

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